Fireworks in Neighborhood
I’m no expert, but I think that’s too low.

Adam Tod Brown tussled with ‘Tussin so you don’t have to.
4 Insane Details of Cough Syrup Addiction (An Inside Look)

#3. How Does a Full-Grown Adult Develop a Cough Syrup Habit?
Like everything else in life, I place the blame for me eventually developing a debilitating Robitussin habit squarely on the shoulders of my boss. Not my current boss, of course — Jack O’Brien is a goddamn prince, and don’t you forget it. I’m talking about my boss at one of the shitty insurance jobs I worked at for years before deciding that doing this would be slightly more enjoyable and fulfilling. I don’t remember her name because I don’t respect authority.

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Enjoy a “wave” of fireworks, BBQs and tame six footers that guarantee no wipeouts on this fourth of July. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.